• September 2021
    M T W T F S S

Tis the Season…for Toy Runs

The following is from Chris at Mobile Leather Locker…

St. Mary’s Children’s Home Annual Toy Run

Sunday, December 12th, leaving the Blues Tavern at noon for fun and fellowship with the 44 kids at St. Mary’s. Here is a listing of some of the current requests and needs:

Gift Cards: Game Stop, Target, Old Navy, Aeropostle, Walmart, Haircut/Salon Toiletries (no aerosol cans please), Perfume/Cologne, Flatirons for the girls, Hoodies, Team Fleece throws/pillows, clock radios w/CD Players, Desk top Fans, Scrapbook Albums, Watches, Costume Jewelry, Hair Products for African-Americans, non violent Wii games(the groups share), MP4 players, Team Posters (football, basketball etc.) for room decorations, Bath & Body,  Sporting Equipment, Tax deductable cash/check donations, Washable Drink Containers just to name a few. Boys sizes from large to 2xl, Junior sizes for the girls. Time to think like a teenager again!

Of the 44 children in residence, we have 22 girls and 22 boys. Approximately 14 children between the ages of 12-14 and 30 children between 15-18. Teenage years are tough enough on kids whom have homes, imagine through no fault of your own that you now live in a home where you are dependent on the kindness of strangers rather than your own family.

This Toy Run was originally started by Jim at Jim’s Cycle many moons ago and the tradition lives on through the kind support of the Entire Biker Community. Please join us in this Family Friendly Event which will LEAVE The Blues Tavern (10 year supporter of this cause, Thx Randy), at noon.

Please arrive early if you need your gift wrapped. Please mark boy/girl and age on the package. Dink Cross will lead us again (ole softy, how many years have you been involved?) to the home on Moffet Rd. for a great time of fun, fellowship and caring that makes this soooooooo special.

Donations may be dropped off ahead of time at Mobile Leather Locker, 3361 Cottage Hill Rd., 251/473-7911, Boondocks Bar & Grill 251/776-7004 or at the Blues Tavern 251/476-7621.

All modes of transportation are welcome and this is a RAIN or SHINE event. These kids count on us and remember- They didn’t ask to be there.

If you have any questions or concerns please call Chris Conover at 251/473-7911.

Thank you for your support.